så många frågor utan svar..

Look at the stars and just think...

Is it weird to think that everything revolves around us?
The stars, sun, animals, I have no idea.
What is it God wants us to come up with?
Why he has created us?
I think he has created us to realize our mistakes,
but now it's probably already too late!
People are selfish.
We have destroyed our planet,
and who knows?
End of the world can come at any time,
and the worst part is that it is only our fault.
Vampires claim that they are the worst monsters ...
But the truth is actually that we are the worst monsters.

How do we get through all of our problems ourselves?
people have ideas, but the people have no solution.
There used to be dino Aryans, now it's our people.
In the future there will be something new that we can not imagine.
So, now it's time to take a little thought about life.


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